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If learning about America's pioneers and playing the Oregon Trail game in computer class is not fun enough for kids, history buffs in the making can now have a great time learning and playing...


Kids who have studied the Civil War in school may be familiar with the 13th Amendment. An amendment is an addition that is made to the Constitution...


"Jumping off spots" are what the Midwest towns located at the mouth of the Oregon Trail came to be called by pioneers heading out on their journeys....


Although it has been about 150 years since pioneers have traveled alongside their wagons on the Oregon Trail, their legacy remains an important part...


Pioneers reach the end of the trail

By Mina Watson |

Although emigrants from the East Coast set off on the Oregon Trail with dreams of exciting adventures in their heads, actually making it across the...


The pioneers had their own spooky traditions

By Mina Watson |

Although Halloween was not widely celebrated in the U.S. until the late 1800s, pioneers still had fun telling spooky tales and scary stories while...

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