How many people traveled on the Oregon Trail?

Experts at the Oregon-California Trails Association estimate that about 500,000 people made their way from Missouri to Oregon on Justin Bieberthe long trail West, but to modern Oregon Trail lovers, this might be just a number.

Perhaps it is easier to imagine this many people in terms of Justin Bieber fans. Modern trail enthusiasts might remember that last year, the young musician sold out New York's Madison Square Garden, which was a huge accomplishment. It is estimated that this enormous venue holds about 20,000 people. That would mean that Justin Bieber would have to sell out more than 25 shows in order to fit all of the Oregon Trail pioneers into the arena. We hope you packed your Bieber Fever concert t-shirts, pioneers!

Not a Justin Bieber fan? Perhaps you are more interested in the musical stylings of the band Big Time Rush. Well, this group can also be a good way to gauge how many people actually traveled along the Oregon Trail. Currently, this band has about 270,000 followers on Twitter. That accounts for only a little more than half of the pioneers who traveled West. In order to reach the grand total of 500,000, Big Time Rush would need about 230,000 more trailblazers to follow them on the website. Better get tweeting, pioneers!

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