Students in Kansas learn about the struggles of the Oregon Trail

Students learn about The Oregon Trail

Students in Clay County, Kansas, were given the opportunity to experience what it was like to travel the Oregon Trail at the recent Republican River Valley Pioneer Festival.

The Pioneer Festival was recently held at the Clay County Fairgrounds. In addition to lessons on the emigrants who crossed the Oregon Trail, the festival also boasted life-size replicas of a civilian Civil War camp, a Native American frontier camp and a Revolutionary War-era solider camp.

However, what students were most interested in seeing at the Pioneer Festival were the numerous Oregon Trail exhibits.  These included an 1840s-era covered wagon stocked with pioneer-appropriate goods, a demonstration of foods that were cooked on the trail, and a presentation of "The Scout and the School Teacher," a story of two real-life trailblazers.

The students who attended "The Scout and the School Teacher" were able to see what it was like to travel on the Oregon Trail from a unique perspective. Through the play, many children came to understand that a large number of the pioneers who embarked on the trail were woefully unprepared for what lay ahead of them. However, they also learned that emigrants often helped each other on the road and chipped in when a wagon train ran out of supplies.

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