The legacy of the Oregon Trail: It's written on the walls

Although it has been about 150 years since pioneers have traveled alongside their wagons on the Oregon Trail, their legacy wagon crossingremains an important part of the nation, especially for those who live along the areas that used to be part of the historic trail.

In what is known as the City of Rocks in particular, the memories of the thousands of Oregon Trail pioneers live on. This national reserve is located in Idaho and tends to bring in travelers from all over the country who are looking to climb the area's large rock formations. However,  the park is also really important when it comes to the history of the Oregon Trail.

When pioneers passed through the City of Rocks, many would use it as an opportunity to stop, take a break and spend the night under the Idaho stars. While spending time here, some pioneers took the grease from their wagon wheels and wrote their names on the many rocks in the area.

Today, people who visit the City of Rocks can still see these signatures. One rock, for example, very clearly says "A. Freeman, June.12.50." However, other names have become smudged or faded over the years.

Since these important signatures are part of the national reserve, they are not guarded or protected. For this reason, historians in the area have asked people to look at these rocks, but not touch them. After all, they want to make sure everyone has the chance to learn a little bit about the lives of Oregon Trail pioneers in the years to come.

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