What's for breakfast, pioneers?

By Mina Watson |

Every morning, kids all over the world wake up to the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Before school each johnny cakesday, the odds are that your mom or dad fixes you something tasty to eat as part of a healthy breakfast. Whether it is waffles, an egg sandwich or a quick bowl of oatmeal, almost every kid sits down to fill their bellies with something nutritious before heading off to school. If you were a pioneer, this would still hold true. Although they were very busy making their way across America to the West Coast, moms and dads on the Oregon Trail still made their children healthy breakfasts each morning.

Kids who want to try to cook breakfast like the pioneers did should try to put together this simple Johnnycakes recipe.

Johnnycakes, which taste very much like a cross between cornbread and pancakes, were a traditional part of the morning meal for trailblazers. As whipping up a batch of Johnnycakes requires the use of a griddle, you may want to ask your mom or dad to help you. However, before doing anything, you will need to round up these ingredients:

1 beaten egg
⅜ cup of milk
½ cup of water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup yellow cornmeal
½ cup flour
1 tablespoon sugar

Once you have all of these ingredients measured out, it is time to mix them together. You should be careful when doing this, as it is important to get rid of all of the lumps in the mixture without stirring it too many times. When you over-mix the Johnnycakes batter, the result can often be tough, chewy pancakes that are not at all delicious to eat.

After the batter has been put together, you need to drop the mixture onto a hot griddle. Kids may want to ask their parents to help them turn on the stove and measure out tablespoon-sized portions to cook. Once the batter is on the griddle, you should fry it for about 2 minutes on both sides until the cake is crisp and golden brown. Then you can take it off the stove, place it on a plate and keep it warm in the oven until the next batch is finished.

Once all of the batter has been friend up into cakes, would-be pioneers and their parents can serve a delicious platter of Johnnycakes topped with butter and syrup to their friends and family.

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