The Oregon Trail makes its way to the Wii

The Oregon Trail for Wii

If learning about America's pioneers and playing the Oregon Trail game in computer class is not fun enough for kids, history buffs in the making can now have a great time learning and playing with the new Oregon Trail video game. On December 15, Red Wagon Games announced that the Learning Company's educational adventure into the 1840s is now available for children over the age of 10 on both Wii and Nintendo 3DS game consoles. If kids are lucky enough to own these devices, they will be able to spend hours in front of the television learning even more about the brave emigrants who made their way across the country in hopes of creating better lives for themselves on the West Coast.

The new Oregon Trail video game is set in the mid-19th century, just like the original computerized version. In fact, although this program is on Wii and Nintendo now, it still retains a great deal of the fun and educational aspects that have made it so popular with kids, parents and teachers over the past 30 years. Anyone who plays the new game on their consoles are sure to have a great time leading their wagon trains across the Oregon Trail. Just like in the computer game, players will have to shop for supplies, ford rivers, pass through areas with very rough terrain and even cross a mountain. Regardless of whether players are kids who haven't been introduced to Oregon Trail or are adults with fond memories of the game, this new addition to Wii and Nintendo's lineups is sure to be a hit.

"Oregon Trail has remained popular for 40 years because it's the perfect blend of a solid educational experience and compelling, interactive game play," said Richard Corredera, the director of business affairs at game developer DoubleTap Games. "With our new edition for Wii and Nintendo 3DS, we've updated and modernized the experience to keep the game fresh, exciting and endlessly entertaining. Hunting, fishing and surviving on a wagon has never been this fun."

Oregon Trail has been a very popular item since it first hit shelves back in 1971. In the more than three decades that parents and teachers have relied on this game to teach their children about an important period of history, nearly 65 million copies of the software have been sold. For parents who are looking for a fabulous holiday present for their kids, this new Nintendo and Wii game might just be a great choice.

  The Oregon Trail - Available Now on Wii

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