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The Oregon Trail Mobile App

Created in partnership with Gameloft, The Oregon Trail for mobile phones is available on all major US carriers



The Oregon Trail for iPhone

The Oregon Trail for iPhone! This on-the-go version interprets our classic game for Apple's popular mobile devices.



The original in all its glory. Play the original version of The Oregon Trail! Just be aware that you will need to install a simple browser plugin. Enjoy and try not to get cholera!



Students build real-life decision-making, problem-solving, and writing skills as they immerse themselves in the history and geography of the Westward Movement.



The Oregon Trail: Home Edition

By EdAlive |

Experience the life of a pioneer as you lead your wagon party, hunting for food, tending to sicknesses, crossing treacherous rivers and more throughout the 2,000 mile journey.


  The Oregon Trail - Available Now on Wii

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